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Tell us when you're available and what type of appointment you would like to book. Please note to verify your identity you will either need your mobile to receive an SMS or access to email. Once you have selected your appointment you will need your card details to pay before your booking is confirmed.
Please check your appointment type before booking. The options are either "clinical" or "performance" (for sports) if you are unsure about what to book and price please get in touch. You will be required to select the initial package before you can book into a review or follow up as these proceed the initial assessment.
Please check the information on the website nutricse.org for clinical assessments and 4thdiscipline.co.uk for performance nutrition. All the information about your assessments and the relevant forms are available here to download.
Once you have paid and booked you will need to download the client assessment form and the food diaries (this includes a food and symptoms diary or food and training diary). Please add household measures and as much information as possible to ensure an accurate analysis of your diet and nutrition. Please note any training, time and any symptoms which may be relevant. You will be required to send this back to us 3 days before your booked assessment. Please note that by sending via email may not always be secure and if you wish you can post or you can password protect the documents, sending us a text message with the passcode. If you choose to send a passcode in your email with the documents please let us know this so we can verify your documents to your passcode.
NB: if you are booking the Discovery package then your first session will be body composition and you will be required to refrain from training or a hot shower 3-4hrs prior to the assessment. You will need shorts, t-shirt (Bra/sports top). Do not wear body oil or body moisturiser, please!
Please get in touch if you are unsure. We look forward to meeting with you!

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